How to apply self tanning lotion to your legs and feet

Applying sunless tanning lotion to your legs and feet can be tricky and needs to be done correctly. The legs are often the most revealed part of the body by most women so this is also another reason why we want to to get them looking as beautiful and glowing as possible!
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Sinead Norenius, who is a self tanning expert and creator of self tanning lotion Beautisol, has incredibly easy to follow how-to videos that teach all of us unnatural self tanning pros how to self tan our hands easily.
Visit their how-to page for even more how-to videos for the rest of your body.

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For those that are unable to watch the video, please see the transcript below.

Video Notes/Transcript:

Important Tips:

- Use very tight fitting latex disposable gloves when applying the self tanning lotion. The gloves will make it easier to apply the lotion and they will also prevent your palms from getting colored by it.

- Try standing in front of a full-length mirror if possible because this will help you to see if you have applied the self tanner evenly.

Preliminary preparation: Gently exfoliate the skin on your legs and if necessary do your shaving and waxing before you start applying the sunless tanning lotion. The same rules apply about preparing and caring for a fake tan using a sunless tanning lotion as they do for a spray tan. (see my post about Spray tan care tips)

Step 1: Prepare the driest and toughest parts of your legs and feet such as your elbows, knees and heels by applying some regular body moisturizing lotion to these areas. This will prevent these parts of the skin from getting too darkly discolored when applying the tanning lotion.

Step 2: Put some self tanning product on one of your palms (approx 3 pumps) and rub them together gently so that the self tanning lotion is evenly distributed to both palms.

Step 3: On one of your legs, start with the calf area and massage the sunless tanning lotion using both hands and big circular movements. Be sure to use the full area of your palms and fingers when rubbing the lotion onto your skin. Examine your leg carefully (using a mirror if possible) as you are applying the lotion to be sure that you have covered the calf and shin thoroughly and evenly with the self tanning lotion.

Step 4: Using gentle fluid motions, work your way up over the knee area and slowly onto your lower thigh area. Make sure that you are blending the self tanner as you massage the lotion onto your thigh. Be sure to cover the back of the knee and lower thigh too. Once again use your mirror if possible to examine your leg.

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Step 5: Now move from your lower thigh down to your foot. Start with the front/top of the foot but this time use slower hand movements. Then cover the back and heel part of the foot. The trick here is to work some of the lotion you’ve already applied to your calf area onto your foot with gentle downward strokes. This will ensure an even blending of color from calf to foot. Work your fingers between your toes too so that the crevices get some color too.

Step 6: The final step is to do the rest of the upper thigh. Before proceeding, put some more self tanner onto one palm (approx 3 pumps) and rub palms together.

Step 7: Using big circular motions once again, apply the self tanner to the top of your thigh and work your way from the front to the back of your thigh. Do this all the way up your thigh as high up as you prefer. Remember to utilize the full surface area of your palms and not just your fingers when rubbing the lotion onto your skin. Examine your leg in the mirror as you are applying the lotion and make sure there are no streaks or missed spots.

Step 8: Repeat the above steps on your other leg and you’re done!

After the first couple of times of doing this you will become quite good at it and surprisingly quick too.


  1. Cynthia Lieu

    hey I actually tried this technique on my legs last night and it was easy! the gloves are what did it for me – such a simple suggestion but one i never thought to do myself. thanks so much.

  2. I’ve personally found tanning lotions with a decent amount of bronzer in them are best when using them on my legs because this part of my body seems to respond well to darker fake tan for some reason.

  3. Great tips and keep up the good work!

  4. simplyRed

    Your instructions make it seem that applying tanning lotion to feet and legs is so damned easy! :)
    I think I’ve learned a few great tricks from this article – thanks!

  5. Your tips about applying self tanning lotion are excellent! Many thanks.

  6. Great article and I think I’ve really learned something about applying fake tan!
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Hi Kimberly,
    Selftanning can be good when you want to get a healthy skin-colour without sun-exposure.
    However, some sun- (or solarium-) shine is necessary to provide our bodies with Vitamin D in the most natural way.
    The art of tanning is to know how to tan for good health.

    • prettyinpink

      Another trick I use when I apply my self tanner is to use baby wipes on the rough skin on the knee creases and elbows to smooth out any inconsistent product. Great blog site by the way :)


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