How to apply self tanner to your hands

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t naturally start off as a self tanning pro. Whether it was finishing without the streaking, uneven patches, or an orange glow, it took me quite a few times to get it down right. Self tanning my body and face took lot faster to get down, but tanning the hands is where it got tricky.
In my previous “how-to” posts such as “how to apply self tanning lotion to your legs and feet” and “how to apply self tanning lotion to your upper body“, I recommended that you use tight-fitting disposable latex gloves so as not to stain your palms.

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Obviously in this how-to apply self tanner to your hands post, we’ll be doing this without the gloves. Sinead Norenius, who is a self tanning expert and creator of self tanning lotion Beautisol, has incredibly easy to follow how-to videos that teach all of us unnatural self tanning pros how to self tan our hands easily.
Visit their how-to page for even more how-to videos for the rest of your body.


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For those that are unable to watch the video above, you can read my notes below.

Video Notes/Transcript:

Preliminary preparation:

- Using a damp cloth, wipe your hands clean and remove any powdery residue which might have been deposited there while your were wearing the gloves to apply the self tanner to the other parts of your body.

- Prepare the driest parts of your hands such as your knuckles, your nails/cuticles and creases in your finger joints by applying a small amount of regular hand or body moisturizing lotion to these areas. This will prevent these parts of the skin from getting too darkly discolored when applying the tanning lotion. The moisturizer will also help protect your manicure if you have one! :)

Step 1: Squeeze a small amount self tanner product (about the size of a dime) onto the back of one hand. Using circular movements gently rub the back of your other hand onto the hand containing the self tanning lotion so that you evenly distribute the product on the skin of your hand.

Step 2: Now flip your hands over and repeat the above step and rub the self tanning lotion onto the back of the other hand using the back of the hand you were just applying the self tanner to.

Step 3: Keep repeating the above steps, changing from hand to hand and ensure that the product is being evenly distributed on the skin of the back of your hands. Remember to keep using the circular motions when rubbing the tanning lotion onto your skin.

Step 4: Now that we have massaged the self tanner to the back of both hands, we also want to make sure that we get into the webbed skin between the fingers. To do this, use the pinky side (or “karate-chop” part) of the opposite hand and drag your hand in a downward sawing motion in between the webbed skin of each finger. Ensure that you are evenly distributing the tanning lotion from the top of your hand into these webbed parts. Repeat this procedure until you have covered all the webbed skin parts between each finger of both hands.

Step 5: Rub the skin of the pinky-side part of both hands together to ensure that you have covered the side of the hands too.

Step 6: Finally, to ensure that your fingers aren’t too dark, gently rub the skin of your fingers on the back of your hand onto the back of your other hand working your way up into the wrist and lower arms. This ensures that any self tanner that may be inside the creases of your finger joints/knuckles will be massaged out.

Finally examine both of your hands carefully to make sure that there are no streaks or missed spots. If you see any missed spots simply apply a small amount of lotion to the back of your hand and repeat the above steps.

As with all of the other techniques, after you practice this a couple of times you will become quite good at it.

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  1. Merissa

    I have always found it difficult to apply self tanning lotion to my hands but since I followed your advice I am now very good at it!
    Thanks for the tips and keep them coming.

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